trollសាមកុក-សើចចុំពោះ-អោយតែប្រុសៗខុសរហូត😫the troll up it gaming

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This is channel uyrithy-page2 Zin Please click Subscribe to be able to make more videos uy rithy troll samkok tjree kingdons funy New original song Cover song ត្រូលសាមកុក ត្រូលឆាវៗ កំណាព្យសាមកុក សាកកុករេប Samkok Rap ប្រាស្នាសាមកុក សំនួរចំលើយសាមកុក ត្រូលកំប្លែងសើចចុកពោះ យុទ្ធសាស្រ្តស្នេហា របស់សាមកុក khmer comdy Condom joke អ៊ុយរិទ្ធីTrol uyrithy-page2 uyrithy-page3 Sdab bot tmey វីឌីអូប្លែកៗកំប្លែង សើចចុកពោះ Khmer, Fairy, Tales, khmer, story, fairy, tale, new, tales, comedy, kids, clip, funny, town, full, hdtv, My, Funny, Family, Comedy, 2018

Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel, this is the video of the three kingdom. But I do edit the audio into a funny video. Hope you guys enjoy and enjoy this video. Because of this I have seen you enjoy my videos, so I share them with you. Also apologize to the video owner. Thanks for the support and also thanks to youtube company for letting me share this video

There are always upcoming new comedy video clips from Rathanak Vibol Team or Yong Ye Channel like this video which will entertain you anytime you watch it. Our team show, this video is very popular like Pek mi comedy show and comedy show. Please, support our funny small kids team so we can create more good content for you and also expand our Youtube community.

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